Split 7″ Hale Bopp Astronauts / Soda City Riot
Out on River Monster Records.
Hand screen printed on mixed color vinyl.

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Hale Bopp Astronauts / Soda City Riot


Big Bucks
Bull Street Inn
Emotional Ninja


The nut jobs...

Formed in 2014, Hale Bopp Astronauts are a Charleston, SC based punk band. They are a high energy, satirical punk band trio, aimed at cults, conspiracy, alien invasions, government take-over, dive bars, mental hospitals and all around weird shit. It’s fast paced, catchy, punk rock with tongue-in-cheek lyrics, gritty vocals and a pop punk edge with plenty of melody to satisfy the even the most uptight scenester.

This trio of nut jobs consist of guitarist/vocalist Scott Burns, bassist Kevin Schmoll and drummer Dave Watkins. They released a self titled EP in 2015 and a self titled full length LP on vinyl in 2016.

Reptilians are coming, you can hear the spacecrafts humming, world domination is the plan. Look out you bastards!

Hale Bopp Astronauts



SC Music Guide Review

Hale Bopp Astronauts / Soda City Riot Split 7″ Review By Sean Knight South Carolina-based independent punk label Rivermonster Records (ran by Larry Parker and Toni Dellaposta) has put out a hell of a first release, the 7″ split between Charleston’s Hale Bopp Astronauts and Columbia’s Soda City Riot, due out on August 15th. I was lucky enough to obtain a copy from Parker, and in addition to talking about the killer punk music residing on this wax platter, I wanted to share some pics of the art and design of the record, which are outstanding. The record was released on random colors, which is always a dream/ nightmare for obsessive record collectors (my copy is a very pleasing to the eye, semi-marbled purple). Each band gets their own cover art; just flip the sleeve around to show off your favorite band. Responsible for this beautiful work were artists Kevin Schmoll and Charlie McLinden; the Soda City Riot side will obviously be the most controversial, with its depictions of some very final solutions to the problems America currently has with terrible politicians . A nifty little 2-sided lyric insert showcases the songs in an old school punk manner. It’s a damn fine job and it looks like Rivermonster took a lot of pains to make it an awesome release.

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Charleston City Paper

Zany punk trio Hale Bopp Astronauts want to prepare you for the reptilian alien invasion 

Space Punk
By Kyle Petersen

There’s a scene in the classic record store-set film High Fidelity where one of the nerdy store clerks, intent on impressing a young woman who has shyly struck up a conversation about punk rock and Green Day, puts on a record by the Northern Ireland punk band Stiff Little Fingers.

Although Charleston’s Hale Bopp Astronauts don’t sound especially like Stiff Little Fingers or Green Day, it’s not hard to imagine that scene with the band’s self-titled debut on the turntable instead. They have a sarcastic attitude and a punchy, frantic pop-punk sound that feels like it pre-dates the commercial rise of the genre in the mid-1990s, even if it doesn’t.

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Hale Bopp Astronauts in Razor Cake
Razor Cake

Self-titled: LP

Songs about sci-fi monsters, jerks, and poseur girls. What else do you need to know? But for the record, I’m hearing Face To Face, Dopamines, even some NOFX sprinkled in for good measure. “Losers Anthem” and “Bull Street Inn” are my go-to songs on this record. The last time I was listening to a punk band from Charleston, SC it was 1995 and Honey Wagon was on stage. It’s been awhile, Charleston. Will there be more? –Sean Koepenick (Self-released)

Charleston City Paper

Red-pill punk makes its debut as a genre, thanks to writer Heath Ellison

Posted by Heath Ellison

Satirical punk band Hale Bopp Astronauts are here to open your eyes to the truth, man. With songs about alien invasions and government conspiracies, and a stage show that references the Heaven’s Gate cult, HBA are winking pretty hard at the audience.

Paste this subject matter over bursts of pop-punk that rarely breach the two-minute mark, and you’ve got a recipe that’s all fun and games. But, take this red-pill punk with a grain of salt — the Astronauts are not trying to wake the sheeple.

“We’re kind of just poking fun at the whole conspiracy theories of shadow governments and cults and all-around weird shit around the internet,” says guitarist/ vocalist Scott Burns. 

It’s a mixture of two different methods to question the man, and they’re blended into songs that always let the listener know it’s not too serious. Tunes from their self-titled 2016 debut like “Phoenix Lights” and “Nell’Ombra” are light-hearted and light on their feet, while laughing at the tinfoil hat enthusiasts. 

“Loser’s Anthem” and “Attention All Punks” take some time out of the Hangar 18 blogging to give a quick “fuck you” to pretentious, obnoxious club goers. The album’s all about the outsider’s perspective and, more importantly, pissing people off.

“If they want to hate me for what I do, then so be it,” says Burns.

“That hasn’t happened, yet, but that’d be cool if it did,” says bassist Kevin Schmoll.

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